We cannot dwell …………Sheltering-in-place #9

In response to Donald Trump’s Mount Rushmore speech

carole craig

An erasure poem from an address which Takanta Iyotanka/Sitting Bull is said to have given to a council at  Powder River in 1877. Reported to Charles Alexander Eastman, available from Charles Alexander Eastman’s Indian Heroes and Great Chieftains. From http://entersection.com/posts/1144-sitting-bull-on-western-civilization, accessed 4 July 2020
He-kha’ka Nang zhe/Standing Elk, pictured, was a negotiator for the Sioux in Washington in 1857.  The image is an inkjet wax paper print (by author) from a  photograph in Native Journeys in American Photography, edited by Jane Alison published by the Barbican Art Gallery, London

Other than that I have no words for the desecration performed by Mr. Trump on the 3rd of July, 2020