We cannot dwell …………Sheltering-in-place #9

In response to Donald Trump’s Mount Rushmore speech

carole craig

An erasure poem from an address which Takanta Iyotanka/Sitting Bull is said to have given to a council at  Powder River in 1877. Reported to Charles Alexander Eastman, available from Charles Alexander Eastman’s Indian Heroes and Great Chieftains. From http://entersection.com/posts/1144-sitting-bull-on-western-civilization, accessed 4 July 2020
He-kha’ka Nang zhe/Standing Elk, pictured, was a negotiator for the Sioux in Washington in 1857.  The image is an inkjet wax paper print (by author) from a  photograph in Native Journeys in American Photography, edited by Jane Alison published by the Barbican Art Gallery, London

Other than that I have no words for the desecration performed by Mr. Trump on the 3rd of July, 2020

the country burns……….Sheltering-in-Place #6


Tom Cotton: Send in the Troops             

the country burns… is an erasure poem based on the New York Times column by Senator Tom Cotton which urged the use of military force against Black Lives Matter protests.  There has been some blood on the walls over the Times decision to solicit the column from Senator Cotton with the editor who published and defended the publication forced to resign.   You can read the original text through the photographic overlay.  Published today in honor of the coming national holiday, Juneteenth.