Fourth Aniversary of my mother’s death.

Ocean Beach 24th October 2017


Bonnie and I went to Ocean Beach with a bunch of large yellow flowers to toss into the waves for the fourth anniversary of my mother’s death.  Faith loved the beach and she loved cut flowers.  The flowers we tossed floated back to shore.  A little girl walking with her parents picked them up.


4 thoughts on “Fourth Aniversary of my mother’s death.

  1. Thank you so much for the reminder. It is indeed strange that the distance between us should be closed by my dear friend, your mother, Faith. Here is a verse from a song we sang together from time to time.

    When I am dead and gone from you, darling When I am laid away in my grave When my spirit has gone to heaven above To him whom my soul will save

    Oh, the day will come to you, darling When no more on earth I’ll be seen There’s one little wish, darling, grant me See that my grave is kept green

    When from this world I go Leaving forever the scene While others are dead, oh, will you then See that my grave is kept green

    Affectionately, Charlie Brown

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    • Thank you for the song — what is the title? I’d like to listen. On the Dia de Los Muertos post, I was going to add the lyrics to Passing Through which I could hear her singing as I was writing it.


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